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Dr. Michael Johnson, D.C.
Chiropractic Physician

Graduated from Bemidji State University. After graduation I took a six (6) month deployment from the Minnesota Air National Guard. During this deployment I interviewed with NASA @ the Johnson Space Center and accepted an engineering position. Work @ NASA included the design and testing of Closed Life Support Systems (CLSS). A two-part project.

1). The first project required the conversion of human waste water (urine and shower water) into drinking water for both space shuttle and space lab.

2). The second project involved growing plants hydroponically for food while using the brine water, from waste water; as a source of nutrients for the plants.

This lasted five years—I co-authored a NASA publication and presented at a space conference the test results for the waste water reclamation part of this project.

Got married while working @ the Johnson Space Center and decided to move back to Minnesota. Attended Northwestern Health Science University and graduated with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. Opened a clinic in St. Paul very close to the St. Paul Cathedral. Named clinic Cathedral Hill Chiropractic. My approach is engineering based. One structure affects another. Ex. By adjusting the arches in a foot the result will rotate the femur (leg) releasing stress in the knee and removing most back pain.

Result-1 Foot adjustment corrects knee and back pain.

Result-2 Jaw adjustment relieves most migraines.

Inventor of unpeeled beverages. A probiotic beverage designed to reduce inflammation and alkalize (raise pH) body. Thus reducing pain and disease(s) like Acid Reflux, Joint Pain, GI stress, Gout, Asthma, low energy, arthritis, …Inflammation is the silent killer for ALL neurological-muscle-tendon pain.

This beverage restores internal GI balance--reducing inflammation and increasing alkalinity (pH). Wholefoods.

The probiotics used in unpeeled beverages are grown with the technologies acquired while working for NASA. A suspended growth media allows for stronger more active probiotics. Yogurt probiotics are grown in dairy. This creates weak and flat probiotics.

Unpeeled was published in the annual NASA Spin-off Publication 2012. Channel-5 NEWS, Villager Local Paper….